It’s not enough to have a good product, it has to be backed up by excellent service.
Monitor provides the full range of services needed to make your monitoring business a success.
An amazing product even
better service!


Our Sentinel systems are supported 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Support is provided from our York office, and includes telephone advice, remote diagnostics, free upgrades and (where necessary) site visits. There are 20 technical staff available for out of hours support and each on-call engineer is backed up by three experienced technical staff. Preventative Maintenance can be performed as a daily service by our support team to ensure that potential problems are detected in advance and rectified before they become noticeable to the customer.

Monitor Computer Systems provides 6 upgrades of our products per year installed free of charge as part of the support service. These upgrades help keep our customers at the forefront of technology changes, market developments and regulatory compliance.


The Sentinel product suite is constantly advancing in speed and functionality, driven by customer requirements and market needs. We actively seek advice from our customers as to how they want the system to develop. We are also open to bespoke requests for enhancements.


With more than 30 years experience in the security world, Monitor staff have a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers. We are happy to advise on technical, commercial and strategic aspects of monitoring services.


Monitor offers a variety of training courses covering:

Installation, Commissioning and Hardware Diagnostics

Our experienced IT staff are able to ensure that all hardware is installed and configured correctly for operating systems and Sentinel software. We can also detect and diagnose cases where a problem on the system is caused by hardware failure.

User workshops, conferences and consultation

As part of our commitment to providing software that will deliver the services that monitoring centres need, Monitor consults its customers widely through surveys, workshops and at our biennial user conference. Where major new developments are in view customers are invited to workshops where they can see prototypes of the new features and give advice and guidance as to the best way to proceed.